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My Hero Academia Season 5 Gets Reveals For Class 1-B!

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By and large, My Hero Academia has been one of the most successful anime in recent seasons. Not the least of which is because of its beautiful animation and its delightful set of characters set in a familiar yet excitingly new world. The adventures of Deku and the rest of Class 1-A have been so much fun and successful that the series has spawned 4 seasons and two movies with season 5 and movie No.3 coming this year. But, as diehard fans know, Class 1-A isn’t the only class in the hero course…

Because there is also Class 1-B. Over the course of My Hero Academia we’ve seen glimpses of 1-B in certain arcs. Mainly the sports festival arc where certain members of 1-A and 1-B clashed, as well as the “Summer Vacation” arc where 1-B helped save the day against the League of Villains for the most part. But outside of some cameos in Season 4, they haven’t been seen a lot recently. But Season 5 is aiming to change that as the two classes will be coming together for a “joint training arc” that’ll lead to us getting to know 1-B a lot better.

So much so that in the recent manga release for the series, a spread was shown of the costumes for 1-B in the anime.

Fans of the show will instantly recognize some of the characters. Including the “Big 3” of Class 1-B that are the most prominently shown. Others though area  complete mystery in terms of both name and quirk. Some have definitely not been shown at all in the series so far, which makes it all the more interesting and curious as to how everything will go down.

In the teaser trailer for Season 5, it was insinuated that there were going to be some big training battles between these two squads. So no doubt we’ll get to see this class at full power before too long.