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My Hero Academia Season 5 Dub Trailer Asks, “Who Ya Got?”

My Hero Academia Season 5

For over a month now, My Hero Academia Season 5 has been viewable online. However, as many people have found out, those were just the subtitled versions of the new episodes. Many people prefer the “English Dubbed” versions and due to various issues the global pandemic those were delayed for a while. However, now there are going to be two different options for you to go and view those episodes. First, Funimation (as the owner of the distributing rights for My Hero Academia) will have them. Or, if you’re able to get Toonami on Cartoon Network, the new season will debut this upcoming Saturday!

It’s not surprising that Toonami would show this as they’re the unofficial home of TV anime in various ways (and have been that since the earliest days of the program) and to celebrate the new season, they’ve released a trailer showcasing the dubs and how things are going to break down.

Not surprisingly, they focused on one of the main plot lines for the early parts of My Hero Academia Season 5 in the battles between Class 1-A and Class 1-B. If you recall the first trailers for the season, the classes are going to be training against one another and unofficially (meaning: in the eyes of the classes themselves) are going to see who is the best among them.

Part of the fun of this is the fact that Class 1-B has only been seen in part over the past four seasons and it’s been lore that they’ve done well without all the attention that Class 1-A has gotten in terms of their in the field combat experience. So it’s going to be fun to see how the two sides clash.

Of course, the other main plot is that of Deku meeting up with the other members of One For All! So if you have been avoiding spoilers for the new season, avoid them a little longer until the dub arrives on Toonami!