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My Hero Academia Premiere Sets Record On Viewing Website

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When it comes to certain shows, movies, and other forms of media, just as important as the item in question coming out is who picked it up or watched it. TV shows and movies very much determine their success on views, profits from those views, reviews and so on. You might not think that this matters for shows like anime where their “fan love” can be measured in certain other ways but it does matter to those at the production studio and distributors like Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc. And for My Hero Academia and its 5th season premiere, things are looking very solid for it.

You see, its TRUE premiere happened recently (there was an “episode 0” this time around) and according to My Anime List, a site where people go to talk about the anime they’ve watched, they registered that the premiere was their most viewed premiere ever. The stat that they gave is based on the profiles of the users who usually come to their site to review the chapters of the anime they’ve seen and “mark” which ones they’re currently viewing. At the time of My Hero Academia and its 5th season premiere over 147,000 people were watching it. That’s a very impressive number.

And it should be noted that this is just ONE website that was tracking numbers in a rather specific way. You can bet between delays and other websites that the premiere had a LOT more viewers as the anime and manga for MHA is more popular than ever before.

And given that this is just the second episode in the season, you can make a fair assumption that the number on My Anime List and others might just go up in terms of views over time. Either way, this is a big win for Toho Animation and all those involved in making the anime.