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Third My Hero Academia Movie Teases Another “Original Story”

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Fans are counting down the days until the arrival of My Hero Academia Season 5. This upcoming season teases many big things. Including a set of matches between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, new revelations about One For All, and potentially, that very powerful hurting Izuku Midoriya. Not to mention everything going on with the League of Villains. But another thing that fans get to look forward to in 2021 is the arrival of another My Hero Academia movie.

This will be the third movie in the franchises line, with the first ones being “Two Heroes” and “Heroes Rising”. We don’t have a title or an official release date for the next My Hero Academia movie, but we did get some teaser images that show Deku, Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki together in all-new outfits and a teaser stating, “He will meet the three musketeers”, seemingly pointing to the all-star trio from Class 1-A.

Now though, on the 5th anniversary website for My Hero, it says about the movie that it’ll feature “original story you can only see in this movie.” This lines up with what went down with Two Heroes and Heroes Rising in that it connects overall to the world…but doesn’t reflect the series as a whole per se.

For example, the first movie, Two Heroes, was mentioned in the anime, and it helped further tell the story of All-Might, but after the movie was released the anime never talked about it. Furthermore, Heroes Rising stated various things that pertained to the fourth season of the show, such as getting the hero licenses and even showcasing the League of Villains, but given the overall story shown, and how Season 5 is being teased, it doesn’t appear to be “connected” to one another in the major way.

We’ll just have to see what the third movie really offers when it arrives this year.