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My Hero Academia Drops First Trailer For Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia has been one of the most successful animes of the last decade. They’ve had five successful anime seasons, three successful anime films (with a growing scale in terms of how much they made at theaters), multiple game releases, and of course, the popular manga that started all of this which continues to sell well as its “Final Arc” continues on. Fans are almost always looking for more from the franchise, and thankfully for them, today, they got their wish.

Because the first Japanese trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6 has arrived, and though it hasn’t been translated for English (yet), you can very much see all that’s going and being teased with the first set of episodes.

To recap, at the end of Season 5, Shigaraki fully embraced his destructive Quirk’s abilities, and was able to unify his League of Villains with an army of other characters to form the Paranormal Liberation Front. The No.2 Hero Hawks infiltrated the group in order to warn Endeavor, the No.1 Hero, about what was coming. Sure enough, he got the message, and assembled both Pro-Heroes and the students of UA High in order to fight back against what was coming.

Which leads us to…

As you can see, there’s a LOT going on in this trailer, but there are some things that we definitely need to point out.

Not the least of which is that amongst the Pro-Heroes fighting off the Paranormal Liberation Front are the teachers of UA such as Midnight and Present Mic. They’ve usually only used their abilities in extreme situations or teacher-student battles. So for them to be in the mix is proof of how dangerous the situation currently is.

We also see a few members of Class 1-B, and that further enforces that this is an “all hands on deck” situation.

Season 6 is set to arrive this Fall.