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My Hero Academia Creator Makes Art To Celebrate 100 Episodes Of The Anime

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When it comes to our world, there are a few things we consider to be worth celebrating no matter what it is, and that would be milestones. If a person or thing reaches a milestone, it deserves a look at, reflection, and often times praise. This goes especially for various forms of visual media that are episodic in content. Because the higher your episode count, the more successful your show has been. For My Hero Academia, the beloved superhero anime, they crossed a major milestone over the weekend, 100 episodes.

It seems like My Hero Academia has been around longer than that due to the fact that we’ve been enjoying it for years in both its anime and manga form. But, the anime itself just crossed the 100th episode with its current arc in Season 5. And so to go and celebrate, the creator of the franchise, Kohei Horikoshi, went and made a special piece of art for the 100th episode featuring two fan-favorite characters (and others hidden within the piece itself).

The reason for this focus was that the 100th episode focused on Kacchan and Shoto, and so it made sense to draw them.

The fifth season of MHA is rolling out in two different ways. The subbed version is heading into the second arc of the season via “My Villain Academia” while the dubbed version (playing on places like Toonami and Funimation-approved sources) is in the middle of the “Class Training Arc” that put Class 1-A and 1-B against one another to see who is better in team fights.

All in all, fans are glad to have the anime back, and with certain developments going with the manga (including the so-called “Final Arc”) things are only going to get better from here in both formats. So continue to enjoy it for as long as it lasts!