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My Hero Academia Could End In A Year

My Hero Academia Season 5

Most would agree that we live in a golden age of manga and anime. Because especially in this decade, the WORLD is interested in what’s being made, and not just specific shows and books outside of certain regions. Attack on Titan was one that helped get the ball rolling rather well, and then, My Hero Academia came in and literally changed the game. Becoming the most popular manga/anime around by most metrics.

It may have started out as a simple twist on the superhero genre, but by the time its hit anime came out it exploded. Now people are cosplaying the characters left and right, its had three very successful box office films, and social media is alight with discussion and spoilers about the latest manga chapters. Of which, the creator has news on.

Creator Kohei Horikoshi spoke at Jump Fiesta 2022, and he said that the manga isn’t just in its last “arc”, but it’s got one year left before its completed:

“If [My Hero Academia] continues to progress smoothly, in just about a year from now, it will meet its goal,” the creator shared. “That’s the situation. If it doesn’t go smoothly, I think [this panel’s MC Daiki Yamashita] will be reading out the exact same letter from me a next year’s Jump Festa.”

Obviously, he won’t release a chapter of a story if he doesn’t think its ready, so that could delay things. But, the key here is that the manga is on its final beats. And those who have been following the manga story knows that those beats have been big and important. Including the fallout from a villains war, the arrival of the No.1 hero in America, a traitor within Class 1-A and so on.

It’s unclear how many more seasons the anime will have left within it, but with the end in sight, we’ll be able to see signs sooner rather than later.