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My Hero Academia Artist Pays Tribute To Bleach

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The current state of major televisions shows and movies are rather simplistic in their formula. Mainly, if there’s one you can bring back, resurrect, or allow to finish, you should do that. But with anime, that honestly doesn’t happen too often. Dragon Ball was technically that case, but it was also one of needing to “wipe the slate clean” after what happened with GT and the non-canon movies that came out. But with Bleach, that was something else. It never got to finish its anime run, but now, that’s changing, and the anime community as a whole is paying tribute. Including a certain fellow from My Hero Academia.

You might recall that the creator of One Piece noted that he was happy that Bleach was coming back. Well now, Kohei Horikoshi, the artist behind My Hero Academia, has revealed a piece of art paying tribute to the returning anime as well, and it was put on Twitter for all to see:

If you don’t know, this picture is of the Soul Reaper Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who is…quite something in the books. As proven by the fact that right by his side is his android assistant Nemu, who is positioned…we…much like an anime/mangaka artist would for “showy shots” like this.

It’s definitely a unique piece as Mayuri isn’t exactly the most popular character of Bleach. But, you could argue that the whole point is to celebrate the WHOLE return of the anime and not just the main characters like Ichigo Kurasagi and villains like Aizen.

This also shows that the entire anime community is happy for Bleach’s return, and they’re eager to see the final parts of the manga finally adapted so that we can see the true end to Ichigo’s adventures instead of the hard cutoff fans got before.

And who knows? Maybe more art is on the way.