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My Adventures with Superman: “Olsen’s Eleven” Episode Recap

Fantasy version of Heat Wave, Livewire, Mallah, Brain, and Lois

Previously – Kara had taken Superman into space. She simulated memories of Krypton for him, and Superman shared his memories of Earth with her. Kara took him to a planet she had visited only to see death and destruction she had no memories of. Superman then met Brainiac. Brainiac, convinced of the glory of the Kryptonian Empire, tried to sway Superman to his side. When that failed, Brainiac used a red sun weapon to neutralize him. Kara realized Brainiac had been tampering with her mind, and as she floated in space wondering what to do next, a space ship carrying Jimmy, Lois, Mallah, and the Brain appeared before her. Now on to their story…

Waller explains the Superman ProblemAmanda Waller speaks in a televised broadcast about the problem of Superman. Showing pictures of Superman’s fight with Kara, Waller concludes that they need to respond to the alien threat. Thus was born the Human Defense Corps, an army of soldiers and robots who have put Metropolis under martial law. Waller promises that when Superman returns, they will be ready for him.

Waller is then interviewed on TV. When the reporter points out that Superman has saved them numerous times in the past, Waller explains those threats wouldn’t exist in the first place if Superman was never there. She has the reporter taken away, and the interview ends. Waller clearly understands that the best way to manipulate the people of Metropolis is through fear and silencing dissenting voices, bringing into question who is the biggest threat to the city.

Jimmy and Lois watch the broadcast from Jimmy’s apartment. Lois thinks they should Jimmy and Lois decide what to dosteal the AMAZO jump ship from S.T.A.R. Labs and go into space to retrieve Superman. Jimmy is hesitant, but Lois wants to make things right with Superman, which means going so far as to ask Livewire for help. Livewire knows S.T.A.R. Labs, so she is the natural choice, even if she is a villain.

Lois uses her contacts to find Livewire’s address. It turns out she lives with Heat Wave in a nice apartment building. Lois and Jimmy call Livewire through the apartment’s video phone, and Jimmy offers to pay her if she helps them. She rejects his initial offer for being too low, so Jimmy is forced to drain his bank account to pay Livewire for her services.

The Brain, Lois Lane, Mallah, and Jimmy OlsenHeat Wave wants no part in this, and she says Livewire doesn’t know when to quit. Heat Wave leaves, but Livewire lets Lois and Jimmy inside to discuss the plan. Livewire has her doubts, but Jimmy brings in Mallah and the Brain for additional help. As far as the audience knows, Mallah and the Brain had left to explore the multiverse. It turns out they encountered alternate versions of themselves they didn’t like very much, so they returned to our Earth and had been hanging out with Jimmy regularly. Livewire outlines a plan involving a guard’s stolen fingerprints, looping security footage, and downloading the schematics of the S.T.A.R. Labs’ facility to find the jump ship. Jimmy insists nobody gets hurt.

Jimmy and Lois talk privately. Lois has brought kryptonite with her. She reasons that without Superman, they might need to use it against Kara, but Jimmy is certain they can reason with her.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Amanda Waller and Agent Wilson pay Lex Luthor an unexpected visit. Mallah, Jimmy, Livewire, Lois, and Brain sneak into S.T.A.R. LabsWaller inquires about the progress he has made on Project M, so he brings them to a control room. Jimmy, Lois, Livewire, Mallah, and the Brain arrive in the lobby. The first step of their plan goes wrong as the guard doesn’t leave at the end of his shift. Livewire wants to attack, but Jimmy has another plan. He tells the guard he’s a new hire and pretends that he recognizes him from visiting his grandmother at a nursing home. The guard got pulled into working a double shift with no warning. Jimmy says he’ll take over the shift so the guard can visit his grandmother. The plan is back on.

The stolen fingerprint is used, and the five of them make it to a security room. Brain has trouble with the encryptions. In the control room, Lex tries to explain that he has been trying to back engineer alien technology as a power source for their technology and Project M is only at 10% capacity. Waller isn’t impressed, and Wilson just mocks him. As our heroes loop security footage, Waller notices that something is up. She sends Agent Wilson and his soldiers to investigate.

Amanda Waller watches Lex Luthor activate Project MMallah finds the location of the jump ship, but it isn’t long until Wilson and his men close in on them. Lockdown is activated, and Wilson’s men open fire. Livewire blocks the bullets. Lois and Jimmy are seemingly abandoned by Mallah and the Brain. Before lockdown seals all the exits shut, Livewire bolts to safety and leaves Lois and Jimmy. Lex decides to fire up Project M to show Waller what it is capable of.

Before Wilson can reach them, Lois and Jimmy escape through a vent. They continue their argument about Kara. Lois insists she’s the enemy, and Jimmy says Lois is beginning to sound like her father. Jimmy knows Kara isn’t a lost cause and the only difference between Kara and Clark is that Clark had Jimmy and Lois.

Jimmy and Lois reach the ship, but it doesn’t look like it’s in any shape to fly. Lois breaks down, worried she will never see Clark again. She only broke up with him because she was afraid he would leave her first. It turns out Mallah and Brain had reached the ship first and had been working on getting it running.

Project M storms the room. Lex had repurposed the metallos from Amertek with Livewire uses electricity powerskryptonite power cores. Everyone scrambles to get the ship to take off, but the metallos begin climbing the vessel. The robots are suddenly hit with electricity. Livewire has returned, and she brought Heat Wave with her.

Livewire explains that she had a second plan the whole time. She knew Waller would discover them sneaking into S.T.A.R. Labs, so she and Heat Wave put together a back-up crew to rob the armory while Waller was busy with Lois and Jimmy. Livewire only returned because she heard Lois over comms and felt bad for her. Livewire is a softie and believes Lois needs a little bravery to find her love. This re-energizes Lois, and Livewire and Heat Wave keep the metallos busy long enough for the ship to take off. Livewire and Heat Wave make it back to their crew and make a getaway with their stolen goods.

As Lex surveys the damage from the fight with the metallos, Agent Wilson mocks him for failing. However, Waller considers it a success. Project M was only at 10% capacity, and it stood up to alien technology and super powers. She says Lex and Project M are now top priority, and it’s Lex’s turn to mock Wilson.

Brain, Lois, Jimmy, and Mallah celebrate as the ship takes offThe ship reaches space, and Lois agrees to listen to Jimmy about Kara. As Jimmy describes his experience with her, Lois realizes they were on a date. The ship makes a quick jump through space and then appears in front of Kara, ending the episode in the same way the last episode did.

As this episode took place in the same time frame as last episode, Superman didn’t make an appearance. Like Alice Lee and Ishmel Sahid missing last episode, Jack Quaid isn’t credited for this one.

It had been foreshadowed for several episodes, but this is the one where Jimmy finally loses his fortune. He initially offered Livewire $500,000 for her help, and when she refused that, he gave up his remaining $2.5 million. Between Jimmy’s money and the stolen goods from S.T.A.R. Labs, Livewire and Heat Wave did pretty well for themselves. They may have committed theft, but Livewire seems to be developing a conscience, and she and Heat Wave have a strong relationship. We are left wondering whether Livewire and Heat Wave will commit more crimes, lay low, or even help the heroes in their next appearance. It’s worth noting that the Arrowverse versions of both Livewire and Heat Wave ended up more heroic than their comic book counterparts. It’s also possible that Livewire knows that Superman is Clark Kent. She was listening into Lois and Jimmy’s conversation, and while Lois referred to Superman as “him” most of the time, the name “Clark” did slip out once or twice. It wouldn’t be too hard for Livewire to put two and two together.

While Livewire may or may not be a good guy now, Mallah and the Brain certainly are. Livewire considers Lois and Jimmy's planThey weren’t really villains in their first appearance, but they are villains in the comics and have been villains in every other TV show they have appeared in. The multiverse seems confirm that most versions of them are bad guys, so this Earth lucked out with Mallah and the Brain. They are fun additions to the show, particularly with Brain’s German and Mallah’s French, and they are part of what makes this show unique. It’ll be great to see them join in on the space adventure.

The episode’s title, “Olsen’s Eleven”, is a play on the movie franchise Ocean’s Eleven and invites comparison with a heist movie. Much like in a heist movie, there’s a plan, the plan falls apart, and then more information is revealed at the end to unveil the real plan. The title is clever, but there were only eight of them involved in the S.T.A.R. Labs heist, and that’s only if you include the extra people Livewire brought in. The nursing home that is briefly seen is called “Silver Age”, a nice nod to that era of comic books.

It’s a bold move and a nice change of pace switching up the cast and perspective these past two episodes, but I’m eager to get our main cast back together in the next one. The end credits show Lois and Jimmy on top of the Daily Planet building at night. The camera zooms out into space, showing the Kandor space station, and it ends with a shot of Kara.

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