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Murder By Numbers Looks Like A Charming Puzzler

murder by numbers

Mister Phoenix Wright hasn’t gotten any action in quite a while, and it’s been even longer since we’ve seen Professor Layton. Those starving for mystery visual novel puzzle solvers with quirky characters may now have a light at the end of the tunnel….game director Ed Fear (The Swords of Ditto, Heavenstrike Rivals) has decided to pick up the slack with the reveal of Murder By Numbers, due out next March.

It’s got it all: an intriguing plotline, a colorful cast in weird clothes, and most crucially, a character that solves murders and points at a lot of things while doing so. The game is being developed by indie studio Mediatonic, most famous for Hatoful Boyfriend, and the two titles share staff members, including visual designer Hato Moa. The music score will be composed by Masakazu Sugimori, who conducted the melodies of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick.

Murder By Numbers centers around Honor Mizrahi, an actress who plays a detective on a struggling TV series. The show is finally starting to pick up in ratings, but wouldn’t you know it, Honor’s boss picks that moment to fire her. Five minutes later….he’s dead. Fingers are pointed at Honor, and she suddenly has to become a REAL detective to sniff out the true killer. Her sidekick is a floating robot, and for that we love the game already.

To pick up clues, you’ll be solving sudoku puzzles, which when completed reveal items that help in the case. You’ll also have to interrogate a wide variety of weirdos, and since this game takes place in 1996 Hollywood, there is no shortage of them.

Murder By Numbers will launch for Nintendo Switch, in both Japan and the West, on March 5, followed by a Steam release one day later on March 6. Preorder the game starting February 20 and you’ll get a 20% discount; there will also be a 10% discount during its first week of release.