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MultiVersus Relaunches May 28, Now With Jason


Warner Bros’ MultiVersus was released into open beta a little less than two years ago. A Smash Bros clone that exists solely to hype WB IP, the game followed a pattern similar to other Smash clones that have been tried: a surge of popularity, followed by a slow die-off of interest. It seems only the original Smash Bros has true staying power.

But since MultiVersus was only a beta back then, it has a second chance to impress with the launch of the full game next week. The date was announced alongside a full trailer that reveals some new fighters that weren’t in the beta game. The most interesting addition: Jason Voorhees!

Yup, even though the rights to Friday the 13th are kind of a mess, that somehow didn’t stop Jason from showing up here (as for the Friday the 13th survival party game, that’s never coming back). We don’t know what his moves are, or if he has his machete, but he’ll be part of the lineup on launch day, along with two other newcomers: Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill, apparently before retirement) and Agent Smith from The Matrix (who joins later in the season).

Some of the vocal online prudes have been griping, “what is this R-rated monster doing in this family game?” To them I say, what are you worried about? Jason’s on YOUR side, remember? He’s there to make sure none of the teen characters have sex.

Even if you don’t care about MultiVersus the trailer is amusing enough to be worth watching. Finn and Velma team up to bash Bugs Bunny! Marvin the Martian faces off against Cake from Fionna and Cake! Wonder Woman fights evil alternate-world versions of herself! It may be very commercial and self-promoting, but at least it’s fun.

Plus, the trailer drops constant hints about what might be in the lineup in the future — Cartoon Network IPs are heavily hinted at. Characters visit Townsville and Titans Tower (the TTG version). Bugs pops open the water tower and Bubbles’ stuffed pal Octi falls out. Seems a missed opportunity that it wasn’t three mischievous puppy-children instead, but some balloons shaped like Pinky and the Brain suggest they are not off-limits.

WB MultiVersus relaunches on May 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC (still no Switch support). The game is free to play, but will be begging you for cash to support itself.

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