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Ms. Marvel Gets First Trailer, Reveals Big Changes

Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel

Comic books as a whole have a singular problem that isn’t always the easiest to solve. Mainly in that they have to balance the line between telling more stories of the “old guard” in order to keep in the fans that love those characters, while also telling new stories of new characters to keep things fresh. Both Marvel and DC Comics have done that in their own ways, and for the MCU, they have been introducing some of their “next-generation heroes” via Kate Bishop and soon…Ms. Marvel.

To be clear, we’re not talking about Carol Danvers (who had that moniker for decades), we’re talking about Kamala Khan, a young Muslim girl who in the comics gets hits with the Inhuman’s Terrigen Mists and becomes a polymorph (able to shift her body in size and structure). When fans heard she was coming to the MCU via a Disney+ series, they were happy, but then rumors of big changes in regards to her powers started popping up and they got nervous.

Now, the first trailer for Ms. Marvel has arrived, and…the rumors were true.

In Kamala’s own words, she has ‘cosmic’ powers and that is a huge departure from the character in many ways. Not the least of which was that in recent comics, Kamala still very much looks up to Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers new title), but she also strives to be better than her and do things better than the old guard. She even setup her own group via The Champions to help do that.

So seeing her basically be “Captain Marvel Jr.” (no relation to the DC Comics character) is a bit sad. There is some good stuff to be hopeful for, including the actress who seems to have Kamala’s style and personality down pat.

And the series is coming on June 8th, so that’s good too.