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Movie Theater Chain Now Selling $100 Batman V. Superman Ticket

batman v. superman

Screenrant reports that Regal Entertainment Group, the largest theater chain in the US, is issuing its first ever $100 movie ticket. “I’ve heard about inflated prices, but this is ridiculous!” Rodney Dangerfield might say right now while clutching his tie — the ticket bears this price because it’s good for seeing a specific movie an indefinite number of times. That movie is Batman V. Superman.

It’s not mere paper like your average commoner ticket. The Regal Ultimate Ticket is made of stainless steel, with the Batman V. Superman logo etched onto its face. The buyer’s name will be enscribed on the back and you will have to provide photo ID to use it, so no, you can’t pass the card around to all your friends (which is the only possible reason I can think of for buying this, and that’s for trust fund kids who are really generous).

A movie where Batman and Superman fight, no matter how bad it is, is guaranteed at least a blockbuster opening. But the big question is whether the film will be decent enough to be worth watching at least nine times (the number of trips you’d have to make to equal the amount you’re paying for the ticket — assuming it isn’t the 3D showing). If the kind of fool exists out there who would see this as a good purchase, him and his money will be soon parted.

Only 1,000 of these tickets will be made, and all of them will expire on September 24, 2016 — though Batman V. Superman will most likely have left the Regal chain well before that point.