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More Star Wars Titles Coming From EA?

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The Star Wars franchise is in a bit of a tricky spot right now. Mainly because many of its “main media” are on hiatus or are finished, and other avenues are alive, but aren’t as far reaching as you’d expect. For example, the “Skywalker Saga” finished last year via The Rise of Skywalker film. Then, early in 2020, the final season of Star Wars the Clone Wars arrived. The comcis are going strong, as is The Mandalorian, in which season 2 is coming in October, with other projects being announced as well. Then, there’s the video games.

EA holds the exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise in terms of games, and the results have been…mixed at best. Many note the financial success of the two rebooted Battlefront games, but fans and gamers themselves will note that those came at a HEAVY cost both figuratively and literally. Including the Loot Box controversy that Battlefront II caused. Meanwhile, Jedi: Fallen Order shocked many by how good it was, and now the upcoming Squadrons game has many fans excited as they felt that was one of the best parts of the rebooted Battlefront titles.

Now, in a “fireside chat”, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has noted that he aims to “double down” on the franchise and have EA bring even more titles from a galaxy far far away to gamers.

Whether this is wise or not is a bit of a tough thing to discuss. The games that Star Wars has had have been varied in the best way possible. From hit RPGS and MMORPGs, to RTS titles, action games, single and multiplayer focused titles, and of course hashing out new lore while also retreading on the films.

The real problem here is EA. Because they’ve TRIED to make more games in the franchise recently, including the 1313 title and one from Criterion, but then they’ve canceled them with little explanation, leaving many fans to want to get OTHER companies in charge of the franchise other than EA.

What happens next…only The Force knows.