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More Love, Death & Robots Coming May 20

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While Netflix’s family animation division appears to be gutted, there’s no indication its adult-oriented unit has suffered the same fate, though due to the state of the company right now, budgets and projects have been slashed across the board (both Alex Hirsch and Danny Antonucci have had developing series axed). The lovably demented and weird Love, Death & Robots still survives, though. A new season of twisted tales will arrive within two weeks.

Nine episodes are in this latest anthology, including the first sequel to a pre-existing LD&R short. Let’s get into it:

Three Robots: Exit Strategies
This sequel to the first Three Robots brings back the trip of androids to “to take a whirlwind tour studying post-apocalyptic human survival strategies before mankind was finally snuffed out.” Animated by Blow Studio.

Bad Traveling
A team of shark hunters gets more than they bargained for, and not from a shark this time — they didn’t come prepared for giant crabs. “Ventriloquism with a corpse” is mentioned as a highlight…and it’s directed by David Fincher!

The Very Pulse Of The Machine
Inspired by the art of Moebius, this is the trippy tale of an astronaut who must take mind-altering drugs to lessen the pain of her injuries while trying to squeak her way out of a tight spot. Animated by Polygon Pictures.

Night of the Mini Dead
A zany take on the zombie apocalypse concept that begins with something we can’t mention here. Animated by Buck Studio.

Kill Team Kill
Here’s your obligatory “buckets of blood” short for the season, starring a team of roided-out US soldiers and their heavy machinery against a monstrous secret experiment. “From the director of Kung Fu Panda 2,” says my notes. Animated by Titmouse.

The tale of a race of insects and the scientists studying them, written and directed by Tim Miller, Animated by Blur Studio.

Mason’s Rats
“You know you have a pest control problem when they start to shoot back,” says the copy for this one. It’s a Scottish farmer alone against an army of intelligent, weaponized rodents. But don’t count him out. Animated by Axis Studios.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed
It’s a routine rescue mission for this gang of Special Forces soldiers, until the elder god rises. Animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The only non-sci-fi short this season, involving mermaids and knights. “Fantasy and greed combine in this re-imagining of the traditional folktale of a siren whose song lures men to their doom. But her sorcery fails to work on the deaf knight, Jibaro, and the Golden Woman becomes fascinated by him. Thus begins a deadly dance of two predators.” Animated by Pinkman.tv.