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More Anime Shorts Coming From Rick And Morty Team

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Rick and Morty Season 5 is going on right now and it continues to boggle and explode the minds of those who watch it with its deep storytelling, insane plots (all of them, basically) and their desire to not be constrained to a singular genre type. Just in this season they’ve ripped of…we mean parodied…Marvel Comics, Captain Planet, and most recently, Voltron. And they’re also not afraid to go and do mini-episodes in various genres like video games and anime.

In fact, one of the things that fans really love about the show is how the shorts come to be, and their favorites are indeed the anime ones. Which is good, because according to the team, more shorts are on the way.

This reveal came from co-creator of Toonami and Senrior VP/Creative Director for Adult Swim Jason DeMarco, who noted that the reason the previous anime shorts worked was because of the studio they brought in to do them, SOLA Digital Arts, and the director Takeshi Sano.

He told Syfy Wire:

 “Director Sano had such a blast making his last Rick and Morty anime short, ‘Rick and Morty vs Genocider,’ that when it came time to find a director to create their own spin on ‘GoTron,’ he was the obvious choice.

As always, his direction and characterization was brilliant, because beyond being a gifted director, he is a true fan of the show,” DeMarco continued. “We are thrilled with the result, and are planning on even more Rick and Morty anime shorts with Takashi Sano and others.”

So what does this prove? Simple, it proves that the series has grown to such a size and fanbase that those who watch it want as much of it as possible. And the teams who are helping run it and make it are more than willing to facilitate.