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Morbius Director Talks “Confusing” Cameo


The Morbius movie that is out now in theaters is one that suffered from a series of delays in terms of release that absolutely hurt the movie overall. Not the least of which was that with each delay, fans got less and less confident in what the movie would do/offer. And their fears were justified as it’s one of the most panned superhero movies ever.

But what has really gotten fans angry of sorts is the cameo that was HEAVILY teased in the movie. That of Michael Keaton showing up as The Vulture/Adrian Toomes. Vulture was the first villain in the Spider-Man MCU films, and him being in Morbius seemed to tease a crossover of the universes.

And yet, despite a bunch of scenes reportedly being with him, he got just two scenes in the film, and they were both end-credits sequences that made no sense. Not the least of which was that they didn’t explain WHY Toomes went from the MCU to the Sony Spider-Verse, and WHY he would want to team up with Morbius instead of…say…get back home?

The director of the film, Daniel Espinosa, talked about how the cameo was changed in part due to No Way Home.

“It was more that when Spider-Man came out, they said, ‘We know how this works and we have a visual concept of how to make this,'” Espinosa said. “But the idea of having different timelines was something that was, for me, introduced within the movie universe with Into the Spider-Verse. When we were talking about making the movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had just come out and it was a huge success. I told the guys, I said, ‘This is super common among comic book readers.'”

He also explained that certain things “wouldn’t work” as he originally intended due to No Way Home so thus they were adjusted and scenes were cut. While it makes “logistical sense” to do that…it really robbed the movie of impact.