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Moon Studios Talks Ori Games Franchise and Smash Bros Inclusion Possibility

ori and the will of the wisps

Every once in a while, a game or franchise comes around that doesn’t just make an impact, it starts a movement all on its own, and with Moon Studios, they did just that with their games Ori and the Blind Forest and the sequel Will of the Wisps. The beautiful setting, the perfect music, an endearing story and of course, amazing gameplay made these two games incredibly special. Both did very well on various systems as well, but that leaves the question of, “what’s next?”

Art Director Jeremy Gritton spoke with IGN about the future of the Ori franchise and he noted that while it’s more than possible they could return to that world, they’re currently focusing on a different title. But, he also noted that they’re more than open to returning to the world, it would just have to be about the right story and not just continuing the franchise for the sake of continuing it. Which is a wise philosophy considering what certain other gaming franchises do to stay relevant or make money.

An interesting notion that Gritton put forth is that perhaps the next step for the franchise isn’t through video games, but through comic books and maybe an animated story. Noting that the series could easily translate to other media very easily, which is true. The very visual mediums could easily find itself in another medium that people would no doubt enjoy.

And then, of course, with the arrival of Minecraft Steve in Super Smash Bros, the team behind Ori have had the same thoughts as gamers as to whether the character could make it into Smash Bros via the continuing DLC pack.

Gritton said that Moon Studios would LOVE for that to happen and that the moveset of their main character would totally work in the game