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Monsters At Work Trailer Reveals July 2 Release Date


Monsters At Work is finally at work. The spinoff series was one of the first originals announced for Disney+, but it was nowhere to be found on launch — and off the schedule to boot. It wasn’t mentioned during Disney’s press conference last December when about a hundred projects were revealed. We had written it off as abandoned, until its existence was finally re-confirmed earlier this year.

Though the below trailer starts out with Mike and Sulley, don’t be fooled — their appearances on the show will be sparse. The REAL main character of Monsters At Work is Tyler Tuskmon, an ambitious young scarer who had the misfortune of landing employment at Monsters Inc one day after the company’s entire focus changed from scaring children to making them laugh.

Tyler is now out of his element, and trying his best to be “funny” while sweating under the watchful eye of Fritz, his boss, and his rule-obsessed co-worker Cutter. Ben Feldman of Superstore fame stars as the voice of Tyler, Henry Winkler is playing Fritz and Alanna Ubach provides the voice of Cutter. There is also “an opportunistic plumber” named Duncan, played by Lucas Neff.

Returning characters include not just Mike and Sulley but Roz (now joined by a previously unknown twin sister named Roze), Celia (Mike’s girlfriend), and the Yeti, who will once again be voiced by John Ratzenberger. They got all the original actors for the movie characters, including Billy Crystal and John Goodman. Between that fact and the animation that looks exactly like the movies, Pixar spared no expense here.

Monsters At Work was once to be the first Pixar production exclusively made for Disney+, but due to the delay, Forky Asks A Question and Pixar Popcorn beat it to that honor. Better late than never, though. The series will scare up some laughs on Disney+ starting July 2.