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Monster Hunter Rise Lead Talks Epic Sonic Collab


Monster Hunter Rise has already had a lot of content put in it, not the least of which is the Sunbreak expansion which is doing REALLY well in terms of sales. But, there have also been some collaborations that have turned people’s heads. One of which was the Sonic The Hedgehog collaboration that was done for the characters’ 30th anniversary celebration.

What might surprise you though, as noted by the director of the game in an interview with Nintendo Dream, is that it was Capcom who pitched the idea to SEGA. Not the other way around:

“The collaboration was made possible through our producers approaching SEGA. The design was done by Sonic fans on our team, and I think they did a great job with a lot of smaller details. We submitted a number of ideas to SEGA, they approved a lot of them and we made them a reality. We also submitted the songs we wanted to use in-game – it was great to be able to have Sonic music playing while out on a quest.”

The director also broke down the Sonic equipment that you’ll get in the game:

“There was also the idea of a hunter in a Sonic suit, but that didn’t work because of concerns we had about body shape among other thing. We incorporated Sonic’s speed into a kind of sportswear that exists in the world of hunters. The Hunter costume color scheme brings out Sonic’s key colors and Palamutes bring out Tales’ key colors. There is a lot of heavy armor in the world of Monster Hunter, so it’s nice to see some casual clothing too.”

You can really tell that the Monster Hunter Rise team put a lot of effort into this collaboration, so when you play it yourselves, do try and see the hard work they put in, ok?