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Moana Disney+ Series Lands Director


For a very long time, Disney was more than content with letting Pixar make one incredible piece of animation after another. Especially once 2D animation started to be weened out in regards to movies and 3D animation took over as a whole. But, then they started to make their own mark once again via movies like Frozen, Tangled, and even Moana. The latter embraced a different kind of Disney “princess” and the results were rather instantaneous.

By that we mean that the movie grossed almost $650 million dollars worldwide and got a lot of attention from fans, especially with some of the songs that came out of the movie like “How Far I’ll Go” and “You’re Welcome” via The Rock. And when Disney decided to expand their Disney+ lineup in various ways, they agreed that Moana would be a great franchise to continue. And now, we know that one of the people who helped make the movie will director the Disney+ continuation.

Here’s the official synopsis for the upcoming series:

Moana, The Series is a new long-form musical series that follows spirited voyager Moana as she ventures far beyond the reef. The studio is once again connecting with storytellers from the Pacific Islands to help tell the stories of wayfinding and other traditions brought to life for generations through oral storytelling.

If you recall, Moana’s people were affected by death in the waters and were unsure of where to go next. Moana ventured far out onto the oceans where she met Maui and helped him regain his hook (that held much of his powers) and returned a key artifact to a goddess who helped heal the oceans and inspire Moana’s people to start wayfinding once again.

So it’ll be interesting to see what new adventures the team are able to come up with here.