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MLP: Friendship is Magic “MMMystery on the Friendship Express” Recap


Pinkie Pie is guarding a precious cake several bites are taken out of
it, so she acts like a detective to track down the culprit.

At its best, Friendship Is Magic touches
one’s heart and makes one laugh with either something original or
with something familiar, except with unique twists to make it feel fresh despite the common themes. This episode
is a prime example of the latter. It’s a parody
of the mystery genre, especially Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the
Orient Express”, as it includes a solution which somewhat emulates the
book’s ending. However it also mixes in several other parodies
and ideas, making “MMMystery on the Friendship Express” an example of the show at its best. As always, the best part is the characters. Casting Pinkie
Pie cast as a detective really is the best choice, both for the
humor of it and the fact she has the most to learn from the position.
Although admittedly, Twilight does take over doing most of the actual
detective work ’til near the end of the episode.

stories usually follow a certain routine and this particular mystery is no exception. There’s some variation to
this, but the basics remain the same. First there’s the setup where Mr. and Mrs. Cake, whom Pinkie Pie apparently apprentices under, have finished making
the most amazing of cakes for the National Dessert Competition in
Canterlot. Pinkie Pie is the one they’ve entrusted to deliver the cake, which surprises me, but I suppose they’ve begun entrusting her with more responsibility since the Baby Cakes episode. This first scene not only establishes the importance of the cake but also
introduces the suspects. The six main characters besides Pinkie Pie are all suspects as well as three other characters: a
Griffon named Gustave le Grand, a Unicorn named Donut Joe, and a Mule
named Mulia Mild. These new characters are rival chefs in the
competition and an incredibly eccentric group, excellently suiting the humor of the episode.

After the setup, it’s time for the crime itself to take place. Ever ready to please
and do her duty as protector of the cake, Pinkie Pie assumes
one of the rival chefs will attempt to sabotage it, so she
stays up all night watching over the cake. All is not peaceful as several
strange occurrences happen throughout the night, and the next morning it’s discovered that someone has taken several bites out of the cake. All this leads to the next sequence in the routine…wild accusations, provided by Pinkie Pie. She blames each baker in turn and describes how they could have done it with ridiculous stories. Thankfully
Twilight Sparkle is able to respond to each of them with logic, which is
incredibly easy in the case of Pinkie Pie’s nonsensical theories. Next up comes the investigation. With
Pinkie’s accusations getting everypony nowhere fast the investigation comes up next, with Twilight taking charge. Twilight retraces Pinkie’s steps
from the previous night and finds several clues, none of which are really that
subtle. Finally there’s the revelation, where in classic detective
style all the suspects are gathered together and the truth is
revealed. Pinkie even gets a chance to redeem herself with some real investigating of her own, leading to the settling of the mystery and a happy ending.

episode is hilarious, especially with the many ways it plays around with
words and the highly amusing wacky faces the characters display. Beyond the humor I also enjoyed seeing more than just ponies,
with a mule and griffon in the cast. The main issue I have with this
episode is the mystery itself, which actually isn’t very good as not many clues are actually given to
the audience. Still it does make an excellent episode of Friendship is Magic, teaching both Pinkie Pie and the audience an important life lesson about being careful to not jump to conclusions.