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MLP: Friendship is Magic “Hurricane Fluttershy” Recap


is too worried about being laughed at to help when all the pegasi in
Ponyville need to work together to create a hurricane.

love the originality of this episode, which reveals more about how the land of Equestria works.
Cloudsdale, the pegasi city, plays a pivotal role in creating the weather for the land of
Equestria, as Equestria doesn’t
have natural weather patterns like in our world. Previously
Cloudsdale has been shown making snow and rainbows, and here it’s shown how they acquire all the water necessary for creating clouds.
Apparently many pegasi gather together to form a hurricane, which
sucks the water all the way up to Cloudsdale. This time, Ponyville’s reservoir is the place chosen to
create the hurricane. Rainbow Dash is quick to take
charge and train everyone to be their fastest, as she also wants to
break the wingspeed record for the hurricane. Fluttershy however
wants nothing to do with the event, not only because she’s a slow flier but also because of how she was taunted for it when she was a filly. In other words, she’s very self-conscious
and scared.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash this Twilight Sparkle
and Spike play minor roles here, but beyond them this episode features
many pegasi of various colors. Many have been given names despite their
status as background ponies, which is further proof of the show’s
increased depth.
The emotions in this episode are well portrayed, and mild comedy is mixed in too. This episode benefits from the interaction between the very different personalities of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash quickly takes
charge of training the other pegasi, but despite being a tough mentor
she’s still a great friend. After seeing through Fluttershy’s attempt
at faking illness to get out of helping, Rainbow doesn’t just complain. Instead, she asks
what’s wrong and does her best to encourage Fluttershy after she explains. It’s great to see such opposites being friends. Unfortunately when Fluttershy actually gives it a try, she
fails miserably with
a wingspeed of .5. Humiliated in front of everyone, Fluttershy runs off
Thankfully her animal friends cheer her up and encourage her to never
give up, so she begins training her hardest.

When Fluttershy tries again she
does much better with a speed of 2.3, but that’s still well short of the
speed of 10 everyone needs so Fluttershy decides to not help with the
hurricane. Normally that would be fine since there’s more
than enough pegasi to do the job, but when a bunch of pegasi fall sick
it’s up to Fluttershy to find the courage to try despite the risk of
embarrassment. When all’s said and done Fluttershy learns to always try your best even if you don’t think it’s enough, because when you believe in yourself there’s no telling what can happen. It’s an excellent and positive lesson for yet another great episode that I fully recommend.