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MLP: Friendship is Magic “Dragon Quest” Recap


the annual dragon migration, Spike questions who he is and what it
means to be a dragon. So he sets off on a journey of self discovery
by joining the dragon migration.

has never been my most favorite character. I don’t have anything
against him, it’s just that I prefer the main ponies to the young
dragon any day. I wasn’t interested in him as the only child character on the show (until the Cutie Mark Crusaders came along), or in his crush on Rarity. Still he’s a fine character
in moderation, and I greatly enjoyed the last episode he starred in.
 As such I was interested in seeing “Dragon Quest”, which is a great episode overall, but it didn’t answer any questions about the dragons in the series. It didn’t have to, but it would’ve been nice if it had done so at least a bit.

Quest’ begins with a scene explaining the annual
dragon migration, which was great since it showed Fluttershy not letting herself get pushed around. Next they show the actual dragon migration, which the ponies secretly
watch. During the event Spike realizes that he doesn’t behave like a normal dragon, leading him to question who he is and where he comes from. Twilight doesn’t have the answers since she met him back when he first hatched, but she tries to help him look into it. Fortunately they live at a library, but unfortunately ponies know next to nothing about dragons and none of Twilight’s books contain useful information. Soon after, Spike decides to join the dragon migration and go on a quest of self discovery. After initial opposition from Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, they decide to let him go – with the full intent of secretly following him, of course.

It takes a bit of a journey but Spike finally arrives at his destination, a group of volcanoes. While the ponies sneak into the
gathering of dragons in a not-so-convincing dragon outfit, Spike attempts to join the youngest group of dragons he can find, a group of teenagers. This proves to be foolish as the
teenagers are a typical group of adolescent males which have been
seen a million times, except in dragon form. They mock Spike and make him do ridiculous things just to prove he’s a “real dragon”. It’s all well played, yet I question why no adults got
involved rather than just watching Spike go through all the pain and humiliation.

thing that struck me strongly about this episode is when Spike is questioning himself about who he is and where he came from; it
reminded me of how someone adopted might feel. Another very well done
scene is when the ponies tease Spike without realizing how much this was bothering him, especially with how Rarity babied him. However, they do have genuine concern for him, as shown when they followed
him and humorously snuck into the dragon’s gathering. I
also feel I should mention how much Twilight is fond of that
teleporting power of hers (and not for the first time either).

for the thing I really want to write about and get off my chest. I hold no ill will towards either the show
or its creators, but I’m deeply annoyed by the teenagers in this
episode. I’m sick of the negative and insulting stereotypes of
Adolescent males are too often portrayed as a bunch of crude jerks
(Females are no better off with their own set of stereotypes). I
have nothing against characters like that being in a show
occasionally, but in this case and others they get too much attention.

Due to the overuse of that stereotype the middle of “Dragon
Quest” is a tad annoying, but it has an excellent beginning and end and things are still well played overall. The ending of the
episode was great, not only due to the really cool phoenixes that
appeared but also due to the courage Spike displayed. It
delivered a very nice lesson about how what kind of person you are is
more important than what your origins are.