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Minions The Rise of Gru Gets New Trailer


It’s not hard to forget that the Minions franchise has actually been around for many years now. It started out with the three Despicable Me movies that starred Steve Carrell as the villainous Gru, who was trying to make his own impact on the world through evil and yet had his heart changed when he adopted three young girls. The series evolved from there, and then the Minions spinoff occurred and focused on the beloved yellow “sidekicks” of Gru and gave them their own origins.

That movie made over a billion dollars, showing that people REALLY liked the Minions for one reason or another. As such, there was another movie that needed to be made. Minions The Rise of Gru. Yes, this is indeed the movie where we witness when the Minions met Gru, and a new trailer has come forward to highlight this connection and what antics and shenanigans are going to be coming from the movie.

The overall plot of the movie is thus. Gru at this point in time is 12 years old, and he’s trying to become a villain…and not exactly doing well at it. But then, when he meets the Minions, things start to change for the better (his better at least). They start enacting all sorts of evil plots, and that gets the attention of the supervillain group known as the Vicious 6.

At first, they want to see if Gru should join their group, but when they insult him, he turns the tables and embarrasses them, leading to them capturing Gru and leaving the Minions to save the day.

All in all, if you’re a fan of this franchise, you’re likely going to enjoy Minions The Rise of Gru very much. You can watch the new trailer for it below, and see it in theaters on July 1st.