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Ming-Na Wen Talks Meeting Mulan’s “Daughter” In Real Life

Ming-Na Wen, Mulan

The Ming-Na Wen is very much a “nerd favorite” in all the right ways. Most people will know her as the original voice of Mulan from the beloved animated movie (and she had a small cameo in the live-action movie), but she was also the epic Melinda May in Agents of Shield (which ended its run in 2020) and more recently, Fennec Shand on The Mandalorian and the upcoming The Book of Boba Fett. She’s done it all, but one fan question revealed an even deeper connection to her Mulan roots.

You see, in the final season of Agents of Shield, Ming-Na Wen got to interact with actress Dianne Doan, who played co-star Chloe Bennett’s sister in the show. However, the real connection here is that Doan played Mulan’s daughter in the equally-beloved Disney movie The Descendants. So went they met in real-life, it was kind of a “mother-daughter moment”.

A fan asked if they talked about their “connection” and this lovely Twitter conversation occurred:

Ask Ming-Na about the impact Mulan and the story of Mulan had on her and you’ll hear stories about how she grew up listening to the tale. What’s more, it was her idea to go and have a cameo in the live-action movie. She was going to have a bigger role in the live-action adaptation but then the scheduling of Agents of Shield (for its final season) wouldn’t allow it.

Ironically, there are many who feel still that the animated Mulan featuring Ming-Na Wen is the superior version of the tale in every way. The live-action movie was marred with multiple things both in front of the camera and behind it. Whereas the animated version may have been a bit more fantastical in some ways (Mushu for example) but its heart was never in question.

Either way, hearing that “mother and daughter” were brought together via Agents of Shield is a treat to hear.