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Min Min From ARMS Joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Min Min Arms Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans have been waiting since March for the reveal and release of the first DLC character for Fighter Pack 2. And today, director Masahiro Sakurai came to us from his own home and revealed that Min Min would be representing the ARMS franchise in the game. The video that followed detailed everything that would come with Min Min’s arrival and more.

First and foremost, Mr. Sakurai went and detailed all of her fighting moves. He noted that because of the ARMS style of gameplay, it was difficult to incorporate her into the Smash Bros game. ARMS features characters that have springs for appendages, including their literal arms, or hair, or even mechs! So trying to mix that with the more standard fighting game style of Super Smash Bros Ultimate was a challenge.

Min Min herself is a master of long-range combat because of her extendable arms. She’s perfect for dealing damage from afar and getting ready of heavy foes. But because of this, her short-range combat isn’t the best, and if you’re up in her face, it can be easy to dodge the attacks from her ARMS.

By the very nature of the game, she has two different ARMS appendages that she can use, the left and right ARMS. As such, the right ARMS can have its style altered to become a faster attack weapon or one that does KO damage. The Final Smash is a special cinematic in which all the ARMS characters unite for a flurry of punches.

Mr. Sakurai also revealed a new set of Mii Fighter costumes, including Heihachi from Tekken and Vault Boy from Fallout!

Sakurai further announced that the Joker and Hero Amiibo would be coming out this fall. He also promises that the other 5 characters in the Fighter Pack are being worked on right now, and they will be revealed later.

Min Min joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate on June 29th!