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Milo Murphy’s Law Premieres October 3, With Weird Al As Milo

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Disney XD has released the main title, voice cast list, and other details regarding their next animated series, Milo Murphy’s Law, set to premiere this October. Milo Murphy is the descendant of the very coiner of Murphy’s Law (Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr, to be specific, who popularized the phrase “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”)

Due to his genes Milo is pretty much the unluckiest kid in the world, but he has the support of his friends Zack (MeKai Curtis) and Melissa (Sabrina Carpenter) to keep him out of TOO much trouble, as well as a supporting cast that runs the gamut from high-level time travel agent Savannah (Ming-Na Wen) to Dr. Zone (Jemaine Clement), who has his own TV show and travels through time a lot with a monkey, to the monkey (Sophie Winkleman).

If the character designs look familiar, that’s because the show is the creation of Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, who previously brought us Phineas and Ferb. And if Milo’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because Al Yankovic, AKA “Weird Al,” is voicing him. With talent like this, the only force in the universe that could possibly make this cartoon bad is Milo’s own misfortune.

As the headline says, Milo Murphy’s Law will make its debut on Disney XD October 3, but if you want to catch a peek ahead of time, Disney XD will be slipping the premiere episode on their app, their YouTube channel and On Demand the morning of September 26.

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  1. Milo looks nothing like the preliminary artwork Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh showed us for this show, then titled Mikey Murphy's Law, back at San Diego Comic-Con last year.  Mikey was a lot younger and less 'nerdy.'  He definitely didn't have a cowlick or vest, and, of course, they kept quiet about who would be voicing Mikey/Milo if he even was cast at the time.  I'm definitely looking forward to this!