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Miles Morales Into The Spider-Verse Suit Will Be In Upcoming Game

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales game has already got fans excited because of all the various fights, stories, and of course, playing as the fan-favorite character. But, for those who have only experienced the character via the movie Into The Spider-Verse, you’re in luck. Because fans have been asking for his famous costume from the movie to be put into the game, and Insomniac Games has done just that, and then some.

Yes, you can get the outfit that Miles Morales gets at the end of Into The Spider-Verse and play it throughout the entire Spider-Man game. In fact, not only did they do that, they made a whole trailer for it for you to witness. Check it out below.

Now, if you notice that something feels “off” about the trailer, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. As eagle-eyed fans noticed, the costume in the game is running at the same framerate as it did in the movie. This was a reference to how Miles was a new Spider-Man and not “up to full speed” like Peter Parker was, so the two are running at different framerates. A very nice reference indeed.

Plus, as the tweet notes, you can unlock the costume very early by just pre-ordering it for PS4 or PS5, so you won’t have to wait to play it.

Fan response to this costume addition has been very positive, not the least of which is because people REALLY loved the movie, and for many it was their first look at Miles Morales as he had only appeared in comics and certain animated series, so having this connection for them makes it more likely that they’ll play the game.

Naturally, there are other outfits for you to get and customize so that you’ll get to play as your favorite version of Spider-Man.