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Mike And Sulley Are Back In “Monsters At Work”

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Did you know the cast of Monsters Inc is returning next year? They’ll be starring in a new TV series entitled Put That Thing Back Where It Came From, Or So Help Me. Actually it’s called “Monsters At Work” and it’s set six months after the original film.

When the moviegoing public demanded to see Mike Wazowski and the giant, hairy Sulley one more time, what they got was a prequel depicting their lives in college. The reasoning behind that decision was most likely that original movie kind of broke its own world in its ending — kids are revealed to be nontoxic, monsters now provide laughs instead of scares, and Sulley is reunited with Boo in the last shot (which really should have ended the entire story).

Where do you go from there? Someone had to figure it out, because “Monsters At Work” isn’t a sequel, it’s an entire series. The central focus of the show is Tylor Tuskmon (played by Ben Feldman), described by THR as “an eager and talented mechanic on the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team who dreams of working on the Laugh Floor alongside Mike and Sulley.”

By focusing on someone else, the series dodges having to continue Mike and Sulley’s already-completed character arc, though they will make appearances — and they’ll be voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman! Also returning at various points are Jennifer Tilly as Mike’s galpal, John Ratzenberger as the Yeti, and Bob Peterson as undercover receptionist Roz.

New to the cast are Tylor’s friends and family: his mother Millie (Aisha Tyler), his best friend Val Little (Kelly Marie Tran), his boss Fritz (Henry Winkler), and the plumbers Smitty and Needleman (both Stephen Stanton).

“Monsters At Work” is set to premiere in 2020 on the Disney+ streaming app, and will be the first ongoing TV series to star Pixar characters since 2000’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.