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Mighty Max: Why isn’t this on DVD yet?


Mighty Max, much to my chagrin, has not yet see a release on DVD. It’s a show that I remember quite fondly and the episodes I recorded off the television airings on VHS still hold up very well. During a time where there’s a push for 90’s nostalgia and series of lesser quality have seen DVD releases, it’s quite befuddling. Why? Confusion on who to approach to acquire the rights? Lack of interest from the licensor? Whatever the answer may be, it’s preventing me from having this series in my library.

I adored this show as a teenager. It took a completely absurd premise (boy finds magic cap that makes portals and fights evil alongside a bird man and Viking.) and makes it work with some really smart dialogue, a great visual style and a catchy theme. Giddy up, I say.

Mighty Max follows the adventures of a fantastically snarky teenager as he battles to save the world. Max discovers one day that he is part of an ancient prophecy and he will be the one to bring an end to the SkullMaster. While Max must largely rely on his wits to defeat his enemies, he is granted some power and is certainly not alone. Portals are scattered throughout the world, allowing access to every place imaginable, and Max holds the key to them in the form of a baseball cap. Guiding him on his adventures and instructing him in the ways of the hero is the last of the Lemurians, a wise and well-spoken  chicken fowl, named “Virgil” and Max’s guardian, referred to in the first episode as the ultimate body guard,  is a Norseman named, “Norm”.

Here’s the show’s opening theme for your viewing pleasure:


Mighty Max’s original incarnation was a toy linecreated by Bluebird Toys in the UK. This was a logical follow-up to the successful Polly Pocket girl’s line. It made use of miniature figures and sets, with a boys’ theme, where Max and company could battle SkullMaster. The show was created in order to market the toy in the States.

The cartoon series was a co-production between Canal+ and Film Roman, with Bluebird maintaining rights over creative approval.
Bohbot acquired syndication rights for the United States. Mighty Max began airing as part of the BKN kids block on various television stations throughout the country in 1993.

It featured a solid voice cast which included, Rob Paulsen, the departed Tony Jay, Richard Moll, Tress MacNielle, Corey Burton, Frank Welker and numerous other very recognizable names.