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Microsoft Has Bought Bethesda/Zenimax


Over the last several years, many companies have been bought out by various major publishers in the game industry. Mainly to sure up their gaming supply and exclusive teams that will make the best games for them…and them alone. And now, Microsoft might have just fired the biggest shot yet as they have bought Bethesda and their parent company Zenimax for a whopping $7.5 BILLION dollars. Yes, you heard that right.

The reason this is such a big deal is many fold. First and foremost, despite some stumbles with things like Fallout 76, Bethesda is still a VERY big deal in the gaming community. Doom Eternal was beloved, the main Fallout games are always top-tier titles (including Fallout Shelter), and then of course…there’s the Elder Scrolls saga, of which Bethesda is working on the 6th one right now.

Another reason this is s a big deal is all the other major IP that Bethesda has access to that can really bump up the Xbox lineup:

^^^those 8 franchises are a huge score for Xbox and its upcoming new console. Because throughout the Xbox Ones life, the complaint was that it didn’t have a lot of exclusives, and the ones it did have weren’t that good. With Bethesda now on board, they can exclusives just for the Xbox Series X and all but force players to get their system if they want to play any of these beloved franchises, or try out new ones like Starfield.

To be clear, previous deals that Bethesda has made with companies like Sony and Nintendo are still in effect. Including certain exclusives for the PS5 and ports for the Switch. But now, Xbox and Microsoft will have complete control over anything Bethesda does outside of those contracts, and that’s a LOT of power.

Now the only question is…what company/developer will be bought out next, and by who?