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Michael B. Jordan On His gen:Lock Character

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gen:Lock, Rooster Teeth’s most ambitious project to date, will premiere tomorrow on RT’s own channel. It features a lineup of recognizable actors behind the mike, including David Tennant, Maisie Williams, and Michael B. Jordan as lead character Julian Chase. Jordan discusses his attraction to the project, and the character, in a new interview video.

“What kind of drew me to Julian Chase is the fact that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for his family….his family’s really really important to him. He’s willing to lay his life on the line for the greater good, and he has a lot of heroic qualities to him that made it easy for me to think, ‘okay cool, I wanna voice this guy.”

After the impression he made in Black Panther, Jordan could probably pick and choose any job he wants in Hollywood…why a Rooster Teeth cartoon?

“I come from independent film, you know, so I come from small production companies and houses that do a lot with a little. And the fact that Rooster Teeth is a little bit smaller, but…at the same time, they care about quality. Anything that they do take on, they love, you know, they really care about, so they’re not just pumping out stuff just because, they’re pumping out pieces of art. And I always like to be involved with things like that.”

Jordan is one cool and humble dude. You’ll be able to hear him as Julian Chase in Rooster Teeth’s gen:Lock, launching tomorrow, January 26 on the streamer’s channel. Rooster Teeth is $4.99 a month on iOS, Android, XBox One and Apple TV.