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Mewtwo Arrives In Pokemon Journeys

mewtwo strikes back

One of the true wonders of the anime Pokemon Journeys is that they’re fully accepting the fact that the journey that Ash Ketchum has been on has gone on for many years and across many regions. Thus, the new show features all sorts of shoutouts and callbacks to what came before. We’ve already seen Ash return to the Vermillion Gym where he had one of his most epic encountered, and many in the West are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Alola crew’s return. But now, the episode that many have been waiting for has arrived in Japan. It’s the return…of Mewtwo.

The arrival of Mewtwo is a big of a curious thing because the Pokemon animated movies as a whole are technically non-canon for one reason or another…with the exception of Mewtwo because his movie was directly tied to the anime and even debuted in the anime before going to the first major film. Plus, the team behind Pokemon Journeys confirmed that this was the same Mewtwo that Ash met all those years ago.

While we won’t spoil what happens between Ash, Mewtwo and Goh, we can say that a battle does happen and that Mewtwo does have a very similar personality in regards to his feelings on humans and Pokemon. Though he doesn’t recognize Ash, the intensity of what happens can be felt.

Journeys has been providing all sorts of great moments for fans, and there are some that are hopefully still to come. The biggest one in the minds of most fans is the return of Serena from Pokemon XY and XYZ. She had easily the biggest sendoff moments when she kissed Ash and many are wondering if they’re going to continue that now that the world itself is open to Ash.

Only time will tell, but this Mewtwo encounter proves that everything is on the table.