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Metroid Prime Trilogy Gets New Rumored Release Date


The gaming world is in a bit of a confused state given the global lockdown. E3 2020 was canceled months back, and new rumors are popping up for all the major consoles in regards to what’s coming and when. A great example for this is with the Nintendo Switch, which has been dominating the market for the last year or so, only failing to nail the top spot because of shortages caused by the current epidemic. Gamers though will be curious to hear that a new rumor from a Swedish Retailer Site is saying that the long-desired Metroid Prime Trilogy may be coming to the Switch on June 19th.

To those who don’t know, the Metroid Prime Trilogy were a set of games made by Retro Studios that single-handedly helped bring back the Metroid franchise to prominence. The games had been stuck in the 2D real since their debut on the SNES, but with Metroid Prime 1 & 2 on the Gamecube, and the Metroid Prime 3 on the Nintendo Wii, the games entered the 3D realm to great effect, and many consider them some of the best games in the franchise.

The only problem with this rumor is that this is hardly the first time that it’s been told. Specifically, rumors of the trilogy coming to Switch have been popping up and down since 2017 (which was the launch year of the console). And even though fans are asking for it, and this year might be perfect to release it given the current state of game development, there’s been no confirmation or even hint from Nintendo that this might actually be happening.

The reason many want the trilogy isn’t just because they’re good games, but because of the confirmation of Metroid Prime 4, which is being made by Retro Studios as well. So will the Metroid Prime Trilogy come to Switch? Only time will tell.