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Metroid Prime 4 Being Made By Bandai Namco?

Metroid Prime 4

Who is making Metroid Prime 4? Is Nintendo working with this team to make it happen?

When E3 2017 arrived last year, many Nintendo fans were curious what surprises Nintendo would pull out of their hat. To the joy of many, Metroid Prime 4 was announced. However, despite it being “in development”, Nintendo didn’t reveal who was working on the game, though they did state it wasn’t Retro Studios, who made the original Metroid Prime Trilogy.

So, that left the door open, “who was making the game?” Well, rumors swirled this week that Bandai Namco was going to make the game in collaboration with Nintendo. Now, Eurogamer is reporting that this is indeed happening.

Now, to be clear, this is NOT confirmation by Nintendo on this, it’s just a rumor that has been “confirmed by sources”. As many fans have pointed out, Eurogamer has been wrong in the past when citing source news.

If Bandai Namco IS making Metroid Prime 4 though, it wouldn’t be a bad move. They helped make the last Super Smash Bros games, and were the leads on Pokken Tournament, as well as helping with Fire Emblem Warriors. They could’ve gone in a much different direction, so it’s nice to know they’re going with someone they trust. Should this be true that is.

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