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Metroid Prime 4 Is Getting Restarted With Retro Studios


What’s going on with Metroid Prime 4? When is it coming out?

The Metroid franchise has a very loyal fanbase, and those fans were thrilled at E3 2017 when Metroid Prime 4 was announced for the newly released Nintendo Switch. However, since then, the game hasn’t been seen or heard from outside of interviews with the head of Nintendo.

Now, a new “development update” has been released by Nintendo, and Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, has revealed that the game has to be restarted from scratch. This is because the game is said to have “not met Nintendo’s standards” in terms of quality, and they don’t want players to be given an inferior product.

To help right this unfortunate wrong, Retro Studios, the creators of the Metroid Prime series, is coming back to help Metroid Prime 4 and ensure that it meets both the fans, and Nintendo’s standards.

Nintendo is deeply sorry that this is happening, as it means we won’t hear about the game for a very long time, but in the end, it likely will be worth it.