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Mega Man To Get New Animated Series


Super fighting robot Mega Man is about to get a new lease on life. The property has been fairly dormant in recent years following the departure of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune from Capcom, the studio behind the video game series that’s been popular with generations of fans. His only game appearance of late has been in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and outside of that, his own comic book from Archie Comics. Then there’s the Mega Man-ish game called Mighty No. 9, from the creators of Mega Man including Inafune, that starved Mega Man fans were so hungry for they overloaded its Kickstarter with cash. Mighty No. 9 will be out later this year for a wide number of platforms.

But now things might finally start to turn around. According to Deadline, Dentsu Entertainment USA now holds the rights to make a new Mega Man TV cartoon series, and plans to use them. It’s begun production now with a targeted airdate of 2017, which happens to be the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary. Visibility like this might just convince Capcom to give Mega Man another chance.

This isn’t the first time Mega Man has made the transition to the animated small screen. Ignoring that weird little “Mega!”-spouting thing on Captain N, Mega Man had his own syndicated action series in the early 90’s that spanned two seasons. The Blue Bomber made a return to TV in the early 2000’s with the anime Mega Man NT Warrior, based on the Game Boy Advance’s Mega Man Battle Network series of games.

26 episodes of the new Mega Man cartoon are planned to be produced, with Man of Action Entertainment as the guiding hand — the same writing team that created Ben 10 and started that…..Ultimate Spider-Man show. Well, anyway, their sensibilities are more suited for Mega Man than Spider-Man, and the even better news is that this means they won’t be working with Spider-Man anymore.

Barring interference from Dr. Wily, look for the new adventures of Mega Man two years from now.