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Mega Man Returns To Comics In A New Fully Charged Series

mega man: fully charged

Since 1987, Capcom’s Mega Man has endured as one of video gaming’s most iconic characters, and as proof of that status, has been represented in a variety of mediums outside of games. He’s been an action figure, he’s been a TV cartoon, and he’s been a comic book character….and soon the Super Fighting Robot will be returning to the world of comic books yet again.

Mega Man: Fully Charged, a six-part series, was announced by Boom Studios this week. The last time we saw Mega Man with word balloons extending from his mouth was when he was being published by Archie, but this go-round will be different. Most other comic book interpretations of Mega Man have been adaptions of the video game series…but this one will take inspiration from another Mega Man interpretation: the TV show of the same name.

What, you ask — Mega Man had another show recently? When’d that happen? Apparently it ran for 26 episodes during the early-morning hours of Cartoon Network in 2018. If you missed it, so did everyone else. Chances are this comic’s take on Mega Man will be new to you.

In the Fully Charged TV series, Mega Man only looked like Mega Man when he donned battle armor…otherwise he was Aki Light, a robot boy who had the appearance of an ordinary human boy. The comic takes place sometime after the TV episodes, with Aki tying to rescue his creator, Dr. Light, from the evil Dr. Wily (who didn’t actually appear much on the show).

Mega Man made his proper* TV debut in a syndicated show simply titled Mega Man, which ran for 27 original episodes in syndication from 1994 through 1996. Several years later Kids WB would debut Mega Man: NT Warrior, based on the then-recent Mega Man Battle Network series of RPGs. The Blue Bomber has popped back on TV every now and then, but those two are the ones most people remember.

*Yeah, I know there was a green thing on Captain N that said the word “Mega” a lot. But did that look like Mega Man to you?

The first issue of Mega Man: Fully Charged will be published by Boom this August, assuming comic book merchants are back up and running at that point.