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Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 Coming To Switch

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Is your Switch starved for Blue Bomber action? The entire classic Mega Man series is being rereleased at once for Nintendo Switch. What does the Switch version offer that the other versions don’t?

Mega Man Legacy Collection originally appeared in two halves on the Playstation 4, XBox One, PC and 3DS (the 3DS only got the first half). Part 1 contains Mega Mans 1-6, while Part 2 has 7 through 10. Both have bonus features, behind-the-scenes sketches and challenge modes. The original releases were two years apart, so if you’ve ignored them until now, the wait paid off — you’ll get it all at once on Switch.

Here’s how the double release will work: digitally, the two games will be sold separately — Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will cost $14.99 while the second Legacy Collection will run a bit more at $19.99. The physical game card release will cost $39.99 and include both halves, though the second half will need to be downloaded (I’m no programmer, but it seems bizarre to me Capcom can’t fit ten ancient Mega Man games into a Switch card, no matter how small the space is).

So why does the Switch hold the advantage? Besides the obvious portability bonus, you’ll also be able to unlock extra content via the Mega Man amiibo. Both the original and the “gold” re-release of Mega Man’s amiibo will work identically. Capcom says “eleven additional fan-made challenges,” previously only available on Nintendo 3DS, will make their console debut here. The second half of the collection will also have an amiibo-unlocked challenge bonus, but it will be something people haven’t seen (no details as of yet).

You’ll be able to enjoy Mega Man’s legacy in full on Nintendo Switch May 22.