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Mega Man 11 Team Talks Constructing The Game

Mega Man 11

What was the Mega Man 11 teams concept going into the development of the game? What were they trying to do with it?

Mega Man 11 is a game with a lot of hype behind it, and a lot of time. It’s been 8 years since Mega Man 10, and gamers have wanted a new Mega Man title ever since. But, key departures at Capcom led to it being delayed, until finally, some people stepped up and decided to make it.

Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and director Koji Oda talked with Famitsu about the development of the game, and their goals in making the title, and making it feel special:

Tsuchiya: While we want to create that feeling of nostalgia for some of our long-time fans, if we only think like that then younger gamers may end up seeing Mega Man as a kind of ‘game for granddads’, and the series will eventually fade away. Instead, we want anyone, regardless of experience with the series, to be able to enjoy playing the game. For that reason, this time we wanted to redefine the Mega Man series, while still staying true to the original.

Oda: I feel the same way as Tsuchiya in not simply wanting to revive the series, but to add a newness to a game that people can still recognize at once as Mega Man. I think that was the key thing we kept in mind.

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