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We May Have A Hint At The Nintendo Switch’s Price

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There’s less than a week to go before Nintendo reveals their full plans for the Switch: the launch lineup, the price, the accessories. But we may have gotten an early hint at the price range and release date for the console/handheld hybrid thanks to the UK retailer GameSeek.

GameSeek now has the Switch up for preorder on their website, along with a release date of March 17 and a listed price of £198.50. When converted to dollars the price becomes $245…more likely to be $249.99 if there’s any truth to this.

Here’s why it might be so: this is not a placeholder listing, it’s a legitimate preorder offer….and GameSeek holds a policy that the price you preorder something for will be the price you pay once the item is shipped, no matter what. If Nintendo’s Switch was anything significantly higher than $250, GameSeek probably wouldn’t be doing this.

We should also point out that after over four years and the imminent arrival of its successor, Nintendo’s Wii U is still listed at its original price: $300. Production has ceased in Japan and that price still hasn’t budged. If the Switch actually costs less, no retailer with any sense in their noggins is going to keep the Wii U next to it, unless they’re allowed to slash the price heavily. Your call there, Nintendo.