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Masters Of The Universe Revelation Part 2 Gets Trailer

Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Masters Of The Universe Revelation, a continuation of the original He-Man series and headed up by Kevin Smith, made an impact on fans. Mainly because this 10-episode series decided to go change things up in various ways, including killing He-Man and Skeletor in the very first episode, focus on Teela and her journey to restore Eternia to the way it was, and more.

Part 1 of the 10-episode miniseries featured Prince Adam’s return, but also, the return of Skeletor, and him finally getting the powers of Castle Greyskull. As a result, Masters Of The Universe Revelation Part 2 is focused on the fallout of everything that happened, and they make it clear that there is a LOT of fallout.

Not the least of which is that Skeletor isn’t the only one with a power upgrade, as Evil-Lyn has become the new Sorceress of Greyskull, and Teela must embrace her own destiny in order to stop her and bring some balance back to magic.

As for Prince Adam, he reveals that the power of Greyskull wasn’t rooted in the sword, it was a conduit, and as a result, he becomes the Savage He-Man after transforming once again.

The trailer is jam-packed with moments from the remaining five episodes, including big battles, the reuniting of the Masters of the Universe, the true return of He-Man and another surprise return that will make many fans happy no doubt.

The show has been divisive in terms of its storytelling focus and how it’s handled many of the characters, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens when the story is complete and people can view it as a whole. We’ll find out next month what happens as the second part of Masters Of The Universe Revelation arrives.