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Masters Of The Universe Revelation Gets Teases For Second Half

Masters of the Universe Revelation

Masters Of The Universe Revelation was a series that was always going to turn heads in one fashion or another, not the least of which was when Kevin Smith was announced to go and be the head of it. And sure enough, after its release, the series had a LOT of people talking because of how it dealt with certain characters, killed others, and head a teaser that sets up the back half of the series pretty well. But that does beg the question, with all that happened in the first half, what does come next?

Well, in a special bit for Netflix, Kevin Smith went and answered some of those questions. Not the least of which was the new role that Skeletor finds himself in due to the fact that he now has the Power Sword of He-Man and has become his own Master of the Universe according to Smith:

“He becomes what we call in the [writer’s] room, Skelegod. Something he’s dreamed about for 40 years, but you gotta be careful what you wish for, kids. Kids, I cannot wait for you folks to see the next five episodes.”

Mark Hamill also went on to note that just because he has these powers doesn’t mean he’s done:

“What people should expect is Skeletor absolutely obsessed with obtaining his goals. Those don’t change.”

This is good because one complaint that certain fans had was that Skeletor was only in certain parts of the first half of the series. Specifically the first and fifth episodes with some flashbacks intertwined. But here, it seems that he will take his “rightful place” as the “final boss” of the back half of Masters of the Universe Revelation. Which should please many.

But when exactly the final five episodes will come out is not known at this time.