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Masters Of The Universe Revelation Gets Curious Review Scores

Masters of the Universe Revelation

While it can certainly go and date back to decades previous, the last decade or so especially has shown that there are times when critics and film viewers differ wildly on what they determine to be a “good movie”. A great example of this was with Star Wars The Last Jedi, where critics praised it as arguably the “Best Star Wars Movie Ever”, while fans to this day blast it for “not being a true Star Wars film” as well as ignoring previous plot points and characters portrayals just to “tell its own story”. And now, Masters Of The Universe Revelation is getting a similar treatment.

Because when trailers for the Kevin Smith project were shown, many were impressed by the animation style. But, when Part 1 came out on Netflix, the Rotten Tomatoes score showed just how wildly people felt about it. The critics for example currently have the 5-episode part at 94% approval, an incredibly high score. But for the “Fans”, they have it at 28%. An incredibly low score.

But why is this the case? Is this something that like Last Jedi is about content and intent versus quality? Not exactly… You see, The Last Jedi’s debate was indeed about lore and content and characters, but as many other sites have noted upon looking at these “fan-reviews”, they’re more in line with the trend of review bombing than actually having a negative opinion about the series.

Specifically (no spoilers here!), these bombs of reviews are about the focus on certain characters over others, and some even ignore key plotpoints that happen in the first five episodes to try and “make their case” even though it’s explained.

Was there some deception on the part of Kevin Smith? Yes, but given the twists that happen in the first two episodes alone, you can understand why he did it.

And given the “quality” of the “Fan-reviews”, this is a rare case where the critics likely have it more accurate than the fans.