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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Debuts Impressive New Trailer

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe has never had it better. Long derided as a shallow, toy-driven property, it’s fallen in the hands of Netflix recently who has weaved some incredible wonders out of it. First there was Noelle Stephenson’s redefining take on She-Ra, and now Kevin Smith is bringing us Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, a ten-part epic that begins in July. The trailer dropped today, and wow:

That’s one impressive-looking reboot! …Except it’s not a reboot at all. Smith has stated Revelation is intended to be a continuation of the original Masters of the Universe series. This sounds a bit odd at first since the original cartoon looked like a bunch of Colorforms stuck on cheap cardboard, and this…doesn’t. The intent is not to recreate how the old Filmation series actually looked, but how it looked in the minds of children like Smith at the time.

Will you be lost if you watch Revelation without seeing the original show first? Unlikely. Masters of the Universe was not that deep. All you need to know is this: a man with a skeleton head wants the secrets of Castle Greyskull, and a muscular barbarian prince with a magic sword won’t let him in there. Also, there’s a character named “Stinkor.” Now you’re caught up.

If the effects look familiar, it’s because the same animation studio that handled the Castlevania anime (Powerhouse) made this one too. And the voices are as top-quality as the animation: Chris Wood is He-Man, Mark Hamill is Skeletor, Lena Headey is Evil-Lyn, Srah Michelle Gellar is Teela, Liam Cunningham is Man-At-Arms, Stephen Root is Cringer / Battle Cat, Henry Rollins is Tri-Clops, Phil LaMarr is He-Ro, Kevin Michael Richardson is Beast Man, Kevin Conroy is Mer-Man, and most importantly, Jason Mewes is Stinkor.

The first five episodes of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation will premiere July 23 on Netflix, The other five will debut later in the year.