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Massive Splatoon Update Coming This August


Splatoon fans are starting to push up against the limits of what the game currently offers, and Nintendo will be coming to the rescue soon with a fresh update that adds more new content than any previous update has.

The biggest and most welcome news is this: the level cap is finally being increased, up to level 50. I still haven’t reached the old limit yet, but weeks of online matches full of Level 20s tells me the cap upgrade is long overdue. With the new higher levels comes a higher ranking system in Ranked Battle; you’ll now be able to reach S Class (which is above A, for those who’ve never seen this before) or even S+ if you’re really good and you never get stuck with a lousy teammate.

You know what else is good? You’ll finally be able to arrange private battles with friends. With the private battle option comes the ability to change the rules, making the battles 2×1 or 1×4 if you’re feeling really mean. In addition to Private Battle there will also be Squad Battle, which is halfway between the private and public options: you’ll be able to make a team of just friends, but the online opponents you’ll be facing will be random.

Want new weapons? You got ’em. You’ll be able to run around with a bucket soon. The Slosher lets you throw around great waves of paint, allowing you to cover great distances in your own color quickly, or surprise attack your opponents like never before, even when they’re way up high. Splatoon is also getting its own gaitling gun in the form of the Splatling. Count on seeing other weapons too, as well as over 40 new pieces of gear and clothing.

This isn’t the end either. More weapons, maps and modes are on their way for the Splatoon enthusiast. For now, this latest update splashes onto American Wii Us on August 5. Europe and Australia will get the update a day later. Stay fresh!