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Mass Effect Game Writer Not A Fan Of TV Series Idea?

Mass Effect

There are a lot of things that video games are good for. Not the least of which is being an “escape” from certain things and helping people unwind after a hard day, or putting their focus into something to liven up their boredom. Something that video games have proven NOT to be…is a breeding ground for great movies and TV shows. While there are exceptions like the recent Sonic movie, Detective Pikachu, the original Tomb Raider, and certain animated series, when it comes to live-action stuff like Resident Evil (all of them), Blood Rayne, the Super Mario Bros movie, and more…you’d think Hollywood wouldn’t want to touch them. Instead, they keep getting more, including the beloved Mass Effect.

A Mass Effect movie has been rumored forever, but then Amazon Studios came in and picked it up as a TV show. On one hand, they’re the people that made The Boys famous (in terms of its adaptation) and made the beloved Invincible animated series (while working with comic creator Robert Kirkman on it). As for this TV series, it’s unclear how much it’ll lean into the games, but some say it will be a straight adaptation…and that has a former Bioware employee worried.

In his thread, David Gaider explains that the main problem with adapting the story to TV form is that the main character, Commander Shepherd, is only the “lead” because of the player’s getting to choose the dialogue. It’s their teammates and crew that really help move the story along in various ways. In a TV series, the focus would be more on Shepherd than the crew typically, and as a result…key storylines, and key characters, might get “brushed aside” in his opinion.

Quite ironically, while he reaffirms that a TV show is the best option for Mass Effect, he feels that the best way to go narratively is to NOT use the story from the games. Thus going into newer and freer territory and not mucking up something that is held very dearly to fans.