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Marvel’s “X-Men” Line Of Books Teasing A Relaunch In July 2024

Marvel is teasing a relaunch for the X-Men.

Marvel recently posted a message on “X” (formerly Twitter) which seems to signal a relaunch of the X-Men line of books, coming next July. The post reads:


Following the end of the Krakoa era, new X-MEN ongoing titles launch in July 2024. 

Stay tuned in the months ahead for more information.”

Intrigingly, the image accompanying the message shows an X-Men logo reminiscent of the logo for the classic X-Men comics from the 90’s (when the series was at the height of it’s popularity). The “X-Men ’97” animated series (a continuation of the 90’s TV show) is also scheduled to premiere in 2024, setting next year up as the largest push for “X-Men” since the collapse of the X-Men film franchise (after “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” flopped in 2019, and the sell of the Fox owned properties to Disney).

Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort announced back in August on Facebook that he was moving from being the Senior Editor for the Avengers line of books, to taking over the X-Men line of books in 2024. The relaunch of the line of books in July perhaps coincides with his taking over and guiding the various X-Men series.

The relaunch will provide a fresh entry point for people to jump into the X-Men line of books. The last major refresh for the mutant super-heroes was the 2019 “House of X”/”Powers of X” mini-series written by Jonathan Hickman. That started what came to be known as the “Krokoa Era” (with the storyline revolving around the forming of a mutant nation on the island of Krakoa).

Expect Marvel to release more details on the relaunch of the X-men line in the months ahead.