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Marvel’s What If…? Will Feature Surprising Cameos

Marvel's What If...?

So far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone on a path that one might call “basic”. Even with three whole phases there were plenty of origin stories, team-ups, Avengers Assemble moments, powerful villains, and so on. Many of these stories were even derived from famous comics that the characters are from or known for. But with Marvel’s What If…?, the MCU is about to change as the Multiverse is about to be opened up (far sooner than the Multiverse of Madness movie) and ask questions about what could’ve happened…if things didn’t go as they did.

The first true trailer for this was shown at a recent Disney event, and teased things like Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain over Steve Rogers being Captain America. We saw Doctor Strange fighting a darker version of himself. T’Challa became Star-Lord, and so on and so forth. The thing that makes Marvel’s What If…? so special is that the vast majority of the voices come from the actors who played the live-action versions of them. Lending a fun continuity of sorts to everything.

However, one fan asked head writer A.C. Bradley whether there might be some other appearances from actors that were noted in the reveals.

So this makes it clear that we don’t know everything, and nor should we. This is meant to be a fun “sidequest” of sorts in regards to the MCU, as well as bringing in an important character via The Watcher, Uatu. So naturally, they’re not going to go and spoil everything.

But of course, that leaves the question of, “who hasn’t been revealed yet?” Well, the Thor side of the MCU hasn’t been shown in What If…? so far, and the Hulk is also a question. So perhaps there are going to be stories bringing those characters back. We’ll find out when it releases this year